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Last updated: 10-01-2018


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Ton Smit (1965) is a tax lawyer, who graduated at University of Groningen. He started his career in the general tax practice of Deloitte & Touche where he later specialised in international tax. In 1995 he switched to Arthur Andersen where he further specialised on international tax - amongst his clients were mainly large US and UK corporations - but also started to develop his interest for financial products. Over the years with Andersen he was involved with and initiated various structured finance and corporate finance projects, among which IPO’s, the development and establishment of investment funds, cross border leases, enhanced tax sparing structures and asset backed securitisations, etc. Ton is furthermore experienced in cross border mergers and acquisitions, giving fiscal support to large scale real estate projects, providing tax training. He founded TAXci in 2000. 



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Edwin Veele (1969) is a tax lawyer, who graduated at Leiden University. He started his career with Deloitte & Touche in the international tax practice. In early 1997 he switched to Staal Bankiers, a Dutch based bank, where he not only initiated financial products but also advised the corporate and individual clients of the bank. After Staal Bankiers, late 1998, he joined Arthur Andersen, where he practiced in all fields of corporate tax mainly for US and UK clients, with emphasis on reorganizations, mergers, acquisitions and financial services. Within Andersen, he was a member of the M&A group. Edwin has a broad experience in advising on and supporting (cross border) reorganisations, mergers and acquisitions, providing due diligence investigations, advising on and developing financial products and structures and supporting foreign investors in setting up business in the Netherlands or other EU countries. He joined TAXci in 2001.



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Caroline van Noordenne (1972) has a law degree from the University of Leiden both in tax law and commercial law.


In 1996 she started her career in the international tax practice of Arthur Andersen. During 2001 she transferred to the multinational company TNT NV where she worked as international tax manager for a number of years and successively fulfilled positions in the strategy function. In the 7 years at TNT, Caroline gained in depth experience of all aspects of international tax matters of a multinational. Besides this, she directly worked with and supported C-suite executives in strategic projects (project management, tax, governance, corporate secretarial, strategy, mergers and acquisitions) and gained experience in the heart of the operations of this transportation company.


In 2008 Caroline was appointed Partner Multinational Tax at EY. As advisor she used her knowledge and experience of the many aspects of the tax function in a multinational gained from both as advisor and in-house counsel role. Besides rendering general tax advice, she focussed on advising clients on the tax function. This includes assessing, determining and building the strategy, risk management and governance of the tax function. Her clients included both international companies and large Dutch SME’s and Corporations. Caroline also led the Executive Office of EY and supported the C-suite of in strategic projects.


From 2012-2016 Caroline pursued her own entrepreneurial ambitions. She continued to work as consultant, including advising and corporate legal secretarial support of a Supervisory Board. Next to this she became shareholder and active investor in various start-ups. She has been involved in all aspects of starting and expanding a business and will continue to be actively involved in these start-ups.

As of January 2017, Caroline has joined TAXci. Caroline will use her experience from various industries, countries and expertise of the last 20 years to support our clients in the broad spectrum of (international) tax and entrepreneurship.




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Anita Liu is graduated as tax economist at the University of Amsterdam. First Anita graduated at the HEAO in The Hague in the major studies Business Economics and then in Fiscal Economics. She started her career in the financial services. In 2001 Anita continued her career at PricewaterhouseCoopers Tax advisors with the international corporate tax return team. Since March 2006 Anita is part of the TAXci compliance team.




Annemieke Schreuder is a tax lawyer, who graduated at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. She started her career as tax advisor in the international tax practice of PricewaterhouseCoopers. Later, she specialized as tax compliance expert and assisted in the setting up of the tax compliance centre. In 2002 she joined Deloitte as compliance specialist in the tax compliance centre for international corporate clients. At the end of 2009 Annemieke joined TAXci as tax compliance manager.



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After completion of her study tax economics at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Joukje de Jong, started her career in 2010 at the international tax department of EY. In 2011, Joukje furthermore worked in the international tax department of RSM for 5 years, prior to joining TAXci. She has experience with many corporate clients with global operations active in many different industries. Joukje focusses on the design and implementation of international structures in areas such as company reorganizations and setting up of activities in the Netherlands. Key focus is the involvement in the consequences of cross border movements from an (international) wage tax and social security perspective. She also regularly contributes to the 'Loonzaken" magazine on recent wage tax and social security case law. Since 1 oktober 2016 Joukje is our Projectmanager/Tax advisor Expat & Payroll practice.



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Since 1 December 2015 Ronald Stavorinus joined our TAXci expat team. He started his career at a notary firm. After several years he switched to the tax advice practice. Within TAXci Ronald takes care of payroll tax returns and conducting salary administrations.





Denise Poot joined the Expat & Payroll team at TAXci on May 1, 2017. Denise obtained her Master’s degree in Fiscal Economics at the Tilburg University in 2014. She started her career at the expat practice within Deloitte. At TAXci Denise takes care of the preparation of income tax returns, the application of the 30% ruling, immigration services, the monthly processing of payroll administrations and advisory on income and wage tax matters.





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Kai Wong is almost graduated as an AA-accountant (accounting consultant AA). After several years of working at Witlox & Van Den Boomen Accountants in Tilburg, Kai switched to PriceWaterhouseCoopers in Rotterdam. He started his career in this accounting and tax firm and has mainly experience in the reconciliation of the annual report and the corporate income tax returns for the international clients. Since May 2016 Kai is part of the full compliance team of TAXci.




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Hester Grandia is employed as financial administrative assistant. After graduating at MEAO she has worked for Hollandsche Bank-Unie N.V., and Deutsche Bank Nederland N.V. She has been working as Financial Administrative Assistant at Administration Office Confidel and Alvast B.V. as well. Hester has been in our department since October 2015.




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Wilco van Uden is employed as our administrator. He has worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers as a consultant at the Tax Management Accounting Services for several years. In this respect he has knowledge of national and international administrations (accounting, preparation of annual statements and audit support). He is the contact for accounting and related issues for several entities of Tax Consultants International.



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Esther van Wijck started her career at the General Dutch Press Agency after obtaining her HBO diploma in Tourism. As management assistant for the New Media and Image department, she developed an interest in communications and marketing. After having worked at a law office for seven years, she focused again on a job in communications. Esther has been in our department since November 2011. She is responsible for our back office and the marketing and communication activities of TAXci.