Nawfal Essaïdi

Last updated : 12-06-2024

Nawfal Essaïdi

Consultant Expat Practice

My name is Nawfal Essaidi. I work as a senior consultant within TAXci’s Expat Practice.


Personal income tax, Global Mobility

Payroll & HR services

Global Mobility Services

Corporate compliance

set service

International labor and cross border assignments

Payroll & HR

Tax compliance

set expertise


Gross border labor and migration

Tasks and responsibilities

As a senior consultant within TAXci, I advise and guide our clients on both national and international issues in the field of income taxes.

Working at TAXci since

December 2023

Work experience

Before TAXci, I was able to provide services in name of one of the big four offices for two years. I did provide those services on the Global Mobility department. As a tax consultant I provided clients with tax advice and prepared there Dutch personal income tax returns.

I then started working for a publisher of a tax program. Here I functioned as the manager of the tax team for four years. Next to leading the fiscal team I did advice our clients on difficult cases within the Dutch tax laws.

After my years as a manager, I had the opportunity to join TAXci as a senior consultant. Naturally, I took this opportunity with both hands!