The Netherlands is a gateway for Europe, and many foreign companies are represented in the Netherlands through a Representative Office, Branch or LLC (BV, NV, etc.), or they are seeking to establish such a presence.

We advise foreign based companies which intend to start up a new business in the Netherlands, make a Dutch acquisition or reorganize their existing Dutch or European businesses on a daily basis.

Each client is different, but they all have in common that they need to find their way through the regulatory, legal and tax landscape of the Netherlands, and deal with the red tape connected to that, and that is where we get into the picture. We assist our clients with finding the "best practise" solutions for their legal/tax structures and business set up, and help them to execute, set up and maintain the structure. 

Our multidisciplinary team has extensive experience with the set up and structuring of businesses in the Netherlands, each from their own expertise in the field of tax, law, accounting or Payroll & HR, and we gladly share this experience and expertise with our clients.