Membership Dutch Association of Tax Advisors (NOB)

Tax Consultants International BV (TAXci) is a tax consultancy firm recognized by the Dutch Association of Tax Advisors (NOB).

Membership of the NOB is a guarantee for quality of service, independence of its advisers and integrity of our organization as a tax consultancy firm.

Employees starting at TAXci in the tax consultancy practice can now also, as a Prospective Member of the NOB, follow the training of the NOB to become a tax adviser and eventually become a NOB member themselves.

The most important condition for recognition is that our office must continuously comply with the conditions that the NOB statutes set for NOB-recognized tax advice practices. These conditions are mainly of a formal nature and relate to the set up and operation of our office and its individual members, but are not directly relevant to the clients of our practice.

To promote and monitor the quality of the professional practice of its members, the NOB has its own disciplinary law, in which - if there is reason to do so - the practice of members can be tested against the professional and conduct rules as laid down in the Professional Practice Regulations: in particular the Code of Conduct and the NOB Tax Principles that form part of it.

The Code of Conduct contains rules and standards with regard to the way in which tax advisers carry out their profession. These rules pertain to various aspects of the service, such as independence from clients, confidentiality, maintaining professional competence, professional liability and financial aspects of the service to clients.

The core provision of the professional and conduct rules concerns honor and dignity: a member is obliged to perform his duties in an honest, careful and proper manner, to comply with laws and regulations and to refrain from anything else in contrary to the honor and dignity of the profession. In addition to the standards mentioned, 'honor and dignity' is also determined by social views. The interpretation of the term is therefore subject to change.

In order to promote the quality of the advice provided by NOB members, the NOB has developed the “Tax Principles” in addition to the rules of professional conduct laid down in the Code of Conduct, which the NOB members (tax advisors) must include in their advice. The Tax Principles build on the general professional and conduct rules and are not intended as a replacement, but as a supplement to them. The Tax Principles describe what is expected of NOB members (tax advisors) in their role as advisors.

TAXci and its individual NOB members have committed themselves to complying with the professional rules and rules of conduct prescribed by the NOB.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the NOB professional and conduct rules. If you, as a client of our tax consultancy, are of the opinion that we have failed in any way to comply with this, we kindly ask you to make this known to us via our complaints form. We will then investigate what may have gone wrong and how we can best solve this for you.