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Last updated : 16-08-2021
The Dutch Value Added Tax (VAT) system
04 October 2021
When you start up a business in the Netherlands or if you intend to supply goods or services to Dutch customers you will be confronted with the Dutch system of Value Added Tax ('VAT' in Dutch called 'BTW').
Payroll obligations in the Netherlands
29 September 2021

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Expatriate incentive in the Netherlands - The 30% regulation
29 September 2021
The Netherlands has a special tax regime for temporarily seconded employees (expatriates).

The purposes of this special regime - known as the 30% ruling or 30% regulation - is to attract employees that are recruited from foreign countries and have special skills or expertise which is not available or scarce on the Dutch labor market.
Transfer Pricing in the Netherlands
08 September 2021

The Netherlands has enacted Transfer Pricing Legislation, including the obligation to sub-stantiate the at arm's length nature of transactions within the group, to document transfer pricing methods applied, and to report information and data relevant for analyzing the international transfer pricing within the group.