Do you have a withholding obligation for employees who are temporarily assigned to the Netherlands ? You assign employees to the Netherlands and you need somebody to start up and maintain a payroll for you?....

Do you require ongoing monitoring of compensation packages of your Dutch employees? You worry about the Dutch tax consequences of an option plan, bonus arrangement or pension scheme? What happens if there is a change of law affecting the employer's obligation to withholding wage tax and social insurance premiums? Your Dutch client refuses to pay the contract sum to you in lieu of potential chain liability?

We are specialists in the area of international labor and cross border assignments. We can advise you on all matters pertaining to the levy of wage tax and social insurance premiums in relation to cross border assignments. We can also advise you on matters pertaining to a Dutch payroll and start up and maintain a Dutch payroll on your behalf.

We offer a full payroll compliance package, which includes:

  • registration as withholding agent for wage taxes and social insurance premiums;
  • preparing monthly salary slips;
  • preparation and filing of wage tax returns;
  • instructions for settlement tax payment obligations;
  • ongoing monitoring compensation package.