We offer a wide range of Corporate Tax Services for corporations established in the Netherlands, or abroad.

Scope of services

Corporate tax advice

We advise our clients on a wide range of topics relating to Dutch domestic and international taxation.

We are typically engaged in the context of foreign investment, mergers and take overs, international structuring and internal reorganisations.

Our added value is our knowledge of Dutch domestic and international tax law, and our experience with numerous client cases in this field.

We can investigate and analyse your company's fiscal position, advise you on an effective tax strategy, or in case you encounter tax exposures, guide you step by step to an appropriate solution. If required, we can manage the implementation process and offer a full range of compliance services, including administration, payrolll, corporate income tax and VAT compliance.

In our advice, we strive for the most optimal fiscal solution but we will also consider your business objectives and the applicable operational, legal and financial parameters. We provide solid fiscal solutions and we will make sure that you are compliant with applicable fiscal regulations in the Netherlands and outside the Netherlands. 

If absolute certainty is required we can provide you with a tax opinion, or alternatively, enter into negotiations with the tax authorities and obtain tax rulings on your behalf. 

Corporate income tax compliance

We can handle all Dutch corporate income tax compliance matters in a professional and reliable way.  

We can handle the preparation and filing of your company's tax returns only or we can take care of the whole tax compliance process as an integrated part of the company's administration.

We offer a full corporate income tax compliance package, which includes:

  • tax registration; 
  • obtaining extension for filing;
  • review of financial statements and computation of annual corporate income tax accrual;
  • tax accounting and tax reporting;
  • fiscal consolidation;
  • preparation and filing annual corporate income tax return;
  • checking assessments;
  • ongoing correspondence with the tax office regarding regular corporate tax compliance issues.

Transfer pricing

We can advise you on applicable local and international transfer pricing rules and assist you with the compliance of transfer pricing documentation requirements and reporting obligations.

Our transfer pricing services may specifically include:

  • the design and the actual implementation of your transfer pricing strategy;
  • the international alignment of your transfer pricing model,
  • advise on applicable transfer pricing methods for existing or new business models,
  • conducting a functional analysis of certain activities within the group in order to determine a fiscally acceptable profit allocation;
  • conducting transfer pricing studies to determine a fiscally acceptable profit allocation within a group of companies;
  • the valuation of Intellectual Property, a company or specific assets/liabilities;
  • the preparation of transfer pricing (master or local) files and documentation files;
  • the preparation/ review of intercompany agreements;
  • the preparation of specific operational manuals to ensure compliance to the governing transfer pricing model/ strategy;
  • the monitoring and alignment of the transfer pricing policy to the actual transactions conducted within the group;
  • the negotiations of Advance Pricing Agreements with the tax office;
  • representation in transfer pricing audits or disputes with the tax office.

Tax reporting (BEPS, CRS, FATCA)

We can assist you with the compliance to various forms of mandatory reporting, like the ones arising from

  • the Base Erosion and Profit Shifting Rules (BEPS),
  • the Common Reporting Standards (CRS) or
  • the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).

We can advise with clarifying the scope of the reporting obligations, the classification and assist you with building the required (local and master) files and complying with specific reporting obligations.

Due diligence and fiscal paragraphs

We can assist you with conducting a due diligence in the context of for instance an acquisition, listing or management buy-in/ buy-out.

We can cover various fields of taxation, including corporate tax, VAT, import duties and payroll taxes. To the extent foreign tax regimes are involved we engage dedicated local partners within our network.

Once the due diligence is completed we can assists with translating the outcomes of the due diligence into a "bullet point" risk analysis and advise you on an effective strategy to mitigate/resolve identified risk areas through for instance specifically worded warrantees or guarantees in a share purchase agreement.

Tax risk management, tax opinions and tax rulings

As experienced tax professionals we can advise you on the scope and level of of tax risks and the ways to mitigate these risks. We will help you to determine an effective tax strategy, which allows you to prevent, to resolve or to mitigate tax risks.  

If you require 100% certainty in advance on a technical fiscal standpoint or if you need your Dutch tax position to be certified, we can assist with the preparation of a tax opinion or (depending on your preferences) the negotiation of a tax ruling.

In the Netherlands it is generally possible to obtain certainty in advance on taxation matters (tax rulings). This may relate to advance certainty on your tax position in an anticipated transaction or structure or to a compromise on specific tax issues resulting from processing a tax return or a tax audit. We have broad experience in negotiating with the tax authorities. 

In many discussions with the tax authorities it appears that the tax inspector has not interpreted relevant facts and circumstances correctly. By definition the tax inspector has a lack of information and is dependent on the information provided by you or your tax advisor. Discussions with the tax inspector often escalate as a result of a wrong understanding of facts and circumstances.  Such discussions can easily get out of control and result in tax assessments which you then have to contest in court. We can represent you in discussions with the tax authorities in a professional and efficient way and make sure that your tax position is respected and the discussion stays under control. 

Representation in tax audits, tax litigation and tax mediation

We can represent you towards the tax authorities in the context of a tax audit, negotiations with the tax inspector, or tax litigation or mediation.

It is nowadays not always easy to keep a good relationship with the tax inspector and sometimes futile discussions can easily escalate in a no-winners conflict. Our knowledge of tax law and our decade's experience with dealing with the tax office and tax inspectors, helps us to maintain a good relationship with the tax inspector and to avoid unnecessary conflicts and court procedures.   

If however we have to go to Court, we will not hesitate and do so in a professional and reliable way, with a 100% dedication to the best end result for you as our client.