Viresh Bansraj

Last updated : 26-10-2021

Viresh Bansraj

Consultant Global Mobility

I work as a Global Mobility Consultant with Tax Consultants International


Dutch international wage tax, social security levies, an income tax

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Application of tax treaties, offshore taxation (Seafarers, Oil & Gas), application of 30% ruling, share / option rewards, global mobility services, international taxation of directors / supervisory directors, international payroll (split-payroll, shadow payroll), wage tax due diligence investigations .

Tasks and responsibilities

I independently handle advice on international wage tax and social insurance contributions, prepare the income tax return for expats and apply for the 30% facility for expats. I also represent TAXci at EXPAT meetings and be the point of contact for expats and employers.

Employed since

Since January 1, 2021

Work experience

In 2005, after graduating from Erasmus University as a Financial Economist, I started at the Big-4 as a pension specialist. Because I have a lot of affinity with tax law, I have provided more and more tax advice and thus further developed as a tax advisor within the Big-4. During my career I quickly specialized in international wage and social insurance contributions. In 2015 I completed my second study, Tax Economics, at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. In addition to advice, I have also worked in the corporate sector and therefore have experience with tax advice from both angles. I worked for a number of years as an international wage tax specialist at a temporary employment specialist in the offshore industry (maritime shipping and oil & gas), which gives me a lot of affinity with and knowledge of this sector and also of the temporary employment sector. In addition, I have a lot of experience with variable remuneration instruments, for example the preparation and (tax) assessment of compensation plans for employees (top managers / executive board) and I have a lot of experience with tax advice to employers and employees in the context of assignments. From that angle I have a lot of experience with applying for the 30% ruling, A-1 statements and split payrolls. I also have experience with advising on Dutch payroll tax, including the WKR, company car, severance pay, RVU taxes, etc.


Financial Economics (2005) and Tax Economics (2015).