Nathalie Nouhan

Last updated : 12-06-2024

Nathalie Nouhan

Assistant Payroll
My name is Nathalie Nouhan. I help take care of international payroll administrations and related activities.


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International labor and cross border assignments

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Payroll administration in an international context

Tasks and responsibilities

Taking care of international payroll administrations and related activities.

Working at TAXci since


Work experience

I started as a molecular biological analyst at DDL BV in Delft in 1998. After that I worked at the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) in The Hague; eventually as a judicial expert forensic DNA investigation in criminal cases. After a longer break with the focus on my family, I started working temporarily as a commercial customer advisor for XS4ALL. Since July 2019 I work with TAXci as a trainee with the aim of specializing in the field of international payroll administration.


I graduated in 1998 as a cyto, histo, pathological engineer at the Leidsche Hogeschool with molecular biology as an extra specialization. Later I followed various internal and external trainings and courses, including statistics and law. I am currently following the education for practical payroll administrator (PDL).