Peter Bouchier

Last updated : 12-06-2024

Peter Bouchier

Manager Payroll

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Tasks and responsibilities

As payroll manager I am responsible for the correct and timely processing of the payroll for the cliënts of TAXci.

Working at TAXci since


Work experience

In 1983 I started my career as bookkeeper. Until my sabbatical I have done this at various companies like Nespresso, Zwart & partners, Houthoff, …….

After my travel around the world for one year I found a new job at a small accountancy firm in Haarlem. The function of payroll administrator was still available and that was the start for a new adventure. Because of the fact that I liked this work so much, I extended my knowledge with the necessary studies and trainings.

In the past payroll administration was a part of the job of bookkeeper. But nowadays, because of the law and the special rules, you need to specialise.

After several accountancy companies I am now with TAXci. Particularly the clients with international features I like the most.


In 2010 I completed the specialised payroll education - VPS (Vakopleiding Payroll Services) at Markus Verbeek Praehep. Before that I also had followed various administrative educations, like PDL, PDB and MBA (=Moderne Bedrijfs Administratie). To maintain my payroll knowledge I am registered as RPP at NIRPA (Netherlands Institute Register Payroll Administration). For that I attend a variety of specialised payroll courses for permanent education. This is about 25 hours a year.  Furthermore I am a member of VNSa ( )