Cees Bootsma

Last updated : 12-06-2024

Cees Bootsma


My name is Cees Bootsma. As administrator/controller, I am responsible for the financial administration of TAXci.


Financial reporting, guiding and advising UBOs

Corporate Tax Services

VAT advice & compliance

Accounting & Corporate Secretarial Services

Corporate compliance

set service

International accounting


Tax compliance

set expertise


Advice, guidance for UBOs, administrative design of financial processes


Tasks and responsibilities

The primary task is to keep the financial administration up to date and that it complies with legislation and regulations

Working at TAXci since

June 1, 2023

Work experience

Owner of own accounting and tax consultancy firm (1992-2016)

Various CEO and CFO positions in the Leisure Industry (2006-2021)

From 2022, interim CFO position and administrator for various SME companies


MBO, PD, MBA, SPD (1972-1987)

Various practical training courses including Cash & Treasury Management, International Financial Reporting Standards, Mergers, acquisitions & management buyouts