Ashwant Soekhai

Last updated: 02-04-2020

My name is Ashwant Soekhai. I work as a junior assistant Global Mobility and Expat Practice in the private income tax practice.


Dutch income tax 


At the moment I do not have a specialty to distinguish me as my other colleagues. TAXci is helping me to become a specialist in Dutch income tax.

Tasks and responsibilities

As junior assistant I am responsible for the correct and timely submission of income tax returns of clients.

Employed with TAXci since

16 March 2020

Work experience

in 2018 I started my career as an objection handler at the Dutch Tax Authorities. Here I got the opportunity to judge objection letters of citizens of the Netherlands. After this I got the opportunity to learn more about the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act as a Counterparty Due Diligence Assistant at a big lease company.


At the moment I am in the finishing phase of my study Taw Law and Economics at the Hogeschool Rotterdam. After this I want to do the (pre-)master Fiscal Law at the university.