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Last updated : 03-09-2023
Country by Country Reporting in the Netherlands – TAXci After Lunch Session
26 October 2020
On Tuesday 3 November you are again invited to attend one of our "After Lunch Sessions", this time about the Country by Country Reporting obligations for Dutch companies, in particular the composition of the Group File and the Local File.
Budget Proposal 2021 Netherlands - TAXci After Lunch Session
25 September 2020
On Tuesday, 6 October 2020, you are again welcome to attend one of our "After Lunch Sessions", this time about the Budget Proposal 2021 (Tax Plan 2021) for the Netherlands.
TAXci After Lunch Sessions - Program 2020-2021
06 August 2020
Also in the coming season, we will offer our clients and relations the opportunity to attend our knowledge sessions in the field of international tax, accounting and payroll.
Corona - Government support in the Netherlands
23 March 2020
In response to the COVID-19 outbreak and the increasing spread of the virus throughout the Netherlands, the Dutch Government has announced a package of measures to support businesses that are impacted by the Corona crisis.
Posted workers - Notification employees from abroad in the Netherlands (WagwEU)
09 March 2020
As per March 1, 2020 the Dutch Government finally implemented the notification obligation for employers from abroad (within the EU/EEA or Switzerland) that have "posted workers" working in the Netherlands temporarily. This obligation evolving from EU law, is laid down in the so-called "The Terms of Employment Posted Workers in the European Union Act" (or "WagwEU").
Year End VAT Adjustments (BUA)
23 January 2020
On Tuesday 4 February 2020 you are most welcome again in the WTC Amsterdam to attend one of our After Lunch Sessions, this time about the Year End VAT Adjustments (BUA) in the Netherlands.
Changes in the Dutch Labour Law per 2020 (WAB)
19 December 2019
The WAB has been designed to reduce the disparity between flexible and permanent labor contracts. In sum it aims to make flexible contracts more permanent and fixed contracts more flexible.
After Lunch Session October 1: Budget proposal 2020
25 September 2019
Every year on the third Tuesday of September the Dutch Government presents its budget proposal for the next year (Prinsjesdag). During this session we will provide a general overview of the main tax changes proposed by the Dutch Government for the year 2020 (and onwards).
TAXci After Lunch Sessions - Program 2019-2020
10 September 2019
Also in the coming season we offer our clients and business relations the opportunity to attend our free knowledge sessions.
TAXci After Lunch Session - Innovation Box
27 May 2019
During our next After Lunch Sessions on Tuesday 4 June (in Amsterdam) and Thursday 6 June (in Rotterdam) we will update you with regard to the Dutch Innovation Box Regime, as the preferential corporate income tax regime introduced to stimulate research and development and innovative companies in The Netherlands.