Country by Country Reporting in the Netherlands –
TAXci After Lunch Session

26 October 2020 Add expertise tag Add service tag Add country tag

On Tuesday 3 November you are again invited to attend one of our "After Lunch Sessions", this time about the Country by Country Reporting obligations for Dutch companies, in particular the composition of the Group File and the Local File.

This year our After Lunch Sessions are organized as a webinar.


In the Netherlands, essentially every company with a (consolidated) turnover of € 50 million or more has the obligation to document its transfer pricing with a Group file and a Local file (per country). In this session we will explain the specific requirements for preparing such transfer pricing files in the Netherlands.

More information can be found on the registration page for this session on our website.

During the webinar and afterwards there is an opportunity to ask questions. The webinar is given in the English language.


If you would like to participate in this (or more of our) After Lunch Sessions (s), you can register for free participation on our website.

If you need help with this, or if you have any other questions or comments, you can of course also call us at +31-20-5709440 (Amsterdam) or +31-10-2010466 (Rotterdam), or send us an email.

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