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Tax deduction table for travel expenses/ commuting

The only expenses which can be deducted in the annual income tax return in Box 1 relating to income from current employment, are qualifying expenses for commuting per public transport. For deduction itis required that the employee travels at least one day per week from the place of residence or regular place of stay to the place where the employment is exercised.

Traveling at least 40 days per year, qualifies as traveling once per week. The travel must be done by public transport and evidenced by a so-called public transport statement (in Dutch: 'openbaarvervoerverklaring').

The expenses must be reduced with travel cost reimbursements received from the employer.

If the employee travels at least 4 days per week, the deduction for travel expenses/commuting can be calculated as follows (2023):

With a travel distance per public transport of at least But no more than The maximum annual deduction amounts to (EUR) - 2023
- 10 km -
10 km 15 km 509
15 km 20 km 676
20 km 30 km 1,126
30 km 40 km 1,396
40 km 50 km 1,819
50 km 60 km 2,024
60 km 70 km 2,244
70 km 80 km 2,322
80 km - 2,354

If the employee travels 3, 2 or 1 day(s) per week, the deduction is respectively 75%, 50% or 25% of the above mentioned annual amounts if the commuting distance is less than 90 kilometers. If the commuting distance is more than 90 kilometers, the deduction equals 26 cents per kilometer multiplied with the travel kilometers and days on which the employee travels, but no more than € 2,354 per year in 2023 (€ 2,214 for 2022).