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An overview of the deduction for monumental buildings (replaced with a subsidy)

For the levy of income tax in the Netherlands, as a general rule the maintenance cost of a building are not tax deductible unless it concerns qualifying expenses in relation to the renovation of a qualifying monumental building.

Until 1 January 2019, if a building (for instance a house) is listed as a national monument on the basis of the Law on Monuments 1988 (in Dutch: 'Monumenten Wet 1988'), in general 80% of the costs of maintenance were tax deductible. As of January 1, 2019 instead of a deduction, a subsidy might apply.

Strict rules apply to determine the scope of costs of maintenance, whereby the emphasize is on distinction between the costs of reestablishing the monumental status of the building (which do in essence qualify for tax deduction) and the costs of regular maintenance (which are in essence not tax deductible).

From 1 January 2019, a subsidy can be requested at the government for maintenance cost of a building (including a monumental house).