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We can advise you on everything (the levy of) Dutch wage tax and the levy of Dutch social insurance premiums and handle the setup and maintenance of your salary administration in the Netherlands.

Our payroll software is certified as ISAE 3402 type II.

We offer a complete payroll compliance package, including 

  • Registration as a withholding agent for wage taxes and social insurance premiums;
  • Check Collective Labor Regulations (CAOs) and manage your related obligations;
  • Preparing monthly salary slips, gross to-net reports, journal entries, etc.;
  • Preparing annual income statements for employees;
  • Ongoing internal payroll reporting;
  • Preparation and filing of wage tax returns;
  • Instructions for settlement tax payment obligations;
  • Continuous monitoring of the compensation package for employees;
  • Annual work cost regulation (WKR) check.     

Most of this work is done based on fixed price lists. 

If you are interested in our services, contact us at our office, via e-mail, or by telephone at + (31) 20 570 94 40 (Amsterdam) or + (31) 10 20 10 466 (Rotterdam).