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We are a professional tax firm providing high value tax services to individuals and employers and gladly advise you on your Dutch personal income tax position and handle the preparation and filing of your 2022 Dutch personal income tax return and other tax compliance matters on your behalf.

We prepare and file your Dutch personal income tax return and we can take care of other personal income tax compliance on the basis of our fixed price lists. Our rates are transparent and competitive.

The obligation to file a Dutch income tax return for 2022

If you live in the Netherlands (resident taxpayer) or if you live outside the Netherlands and receive income from certain Dutch sources (non-resident taxpayer), you can become obligated to file annual Dutch personal income tax returns. 

Please click here for an extensive description of the procedure of the filing of an Dutch income tax return and your rights and obligations in relation thereto.

For information about the Dutch income tax legislation for individuals please consult the page: Taxation of individuals.

What kind of tax form applies to your situation ?

Depending on your personal circumstances and the nature of your income, a specific tax return form may be prescribed.

The most important ones are the P-form, the M-form and the C-form.  

The P-Form is the prescribed income tax return form for tax residents of the Netherlands. In this form you must provide detailed information about your worldwide income from work/labor & business (socalled Box 1-income), substantial share interests (Box 2- income)  and savings and investments (box 3 - income). You can submit a P-Form if you reside in the Netherlands all year round, also if you opted for the partial non-residence status under your 30% ruling. For entrepreneurs there is a more extensive version of the P-Form, the O-Form.

The M-Form is the so-called migration return, which needs to be filed if you immigrate to or emigrate from the Netherlands during the year. This form contains additional chapters for information about your income and assets in the period of the year that you were not (yet) a Dutch tax resident (anymore). In the case of emigration from the Netherlands, specific information must also be provided about certain categories of deferred income, such as accrued pension rights, annuities and accrued income from a substantial interests at the time you emigrate from the Netherlands. The latter information is used as the basis for the so-called protective assessment (or in Dutch "conserverende aanslag"" which serves to protect the Dutch tax claim on such deferred income (exit tax).

For more detailed information about filing a M-Form, please follow this link to the page Filing the Dutch income tax return over the year of migration (M-Form).

Finally, the C-Form is the prescribed tax return form for non-residents. The distinctive feature of the C-Form is that you only need to state certain categories of Dutch sources of income.

For more detailed information about filing a C-Form, please follow this link to the page Filing a 2020 income tax return as a non-resident in the Netherlands (C-form).

Tax refund

In particular if you have not been subject to Dutch income tax the entire year, or if you were entitled to special tax deductions or allowances (like interest payments for a mortgage), it is likely that you are entitled to a tax refund.

In case you have not received an invitation to file a Dutch income tax return, you will be legally obliged to ask for the issuance of a tax return form if it can be reasonably expected that income tax or national social insurance premiums are due for the year. If this is not the case,  you may still decide file a tax return voluntarily in order to get the tax refund to which you are entitled.   

The deadline for filing your 2021 Dutch income tax return

The deadline for filing the 2022 Dutch income tax return is 1 May 2023 but an extension for filing is generally possible. If the tax return is filed before 1 April, the tax office guarantees to process your tax return before 1 July. Obviously this in in particular relevant if you expect a tax refund. 

For the filing of your "M-form" (which needs to be filed for the year in which your arrive in or depart from the Netherlands), you have more time: the due date is 1 July 2023.

We can arrange for an extension to file the Dutch personal income tax return on your behalf. We will automatically arrange for an extension if you become our client - free of charge - unless you instruct us otherwise.

The services we can provide

We can assist you with preparing and filing your Dutch income tax return.

We offer various service levels allowing you to opt for the service level which suits you best. This can vary from basic digital filing assistance up to a full service package, including tailor made advice on your Dutch personal income tax position and ways to optimize your Dutch tax position. It is up to you which Service Level you wish to receive.

When we handle your tax return filing, you will automatically be included in our filing extension scheme with the Dutch tax authorities.

After preparing your Dutch income tax return, we will send your personal Dutch income tax return to you for review and signing. Upon your request we will gladly explain the outcomes in a personal meeting or otherwise.

Subject to your final approval through our secure client portal your tax return will immediately be filed with the Dutch tax authorities.

Depending on the level of assistance which you desire, we can also further assist you with reviewing tax assessments issued by the Dutch tax authorities or become your registered correspondence address with the Dutch tax authorities. The latter is in any case recommendable when you decide to leave the Netherlands.

Our fees

We charge a fixed fee for the preparation and filing of your Dutch income tax return on the basis of fixed price lists. The exact fee depends on the complexity of your situation and the Service Level which you wish to receive from us. 

If you would like to get an indication of the fee which we would charge for the preparation of your (and your partner's) 2021 Dutch income tax return, please consult our ONLINE FEE CALCULATOR.

It will take you no more than 5 minutes to establish the fixed fee which would apply in your situation, just answering 4 basic questions. If you prefer, you can of course always contact us directly to discuss your personal situation in detail.

For employers we have special arrangements and package deals if they wish us to provide for tax services on behalf of their employees.  

Way forward

If you are interested in our services, or if you wish to receive a personalized fee quote, please feel free to contact us. You can do this via e-mail, or by telephone (our Amsterdam office at + 31 20 570 9440 or our Rotterdam office at + 31 10 20 10 466).

You are also welcome to visit our office in Amsterdam or Rotterdam, but please make an appointment in advance.

We are happy to make time for you!