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The Netherlands provides a wide range of tax and government incentives

Various subsidies are available for companies doing business in the Netherlands, which can be sourced in legislation at the EU, national, provincial, or municipal levels. The essence of these subsidies is that most of them aim to provide incentives for the investment in certain assets, the performance of activities, or the reduction thereof. They can be general or specific by nature. 

In particular, the specific subsidies are separately applied or tendered with the designated government body or institution.

Tax incentives are mainly provided at the national level, and (most of them) are sourced in the Dutch Corporate Income Tax Act or other national acts or policies. 

The most popular tax incentives for companies doing business in the Netherlands are: 

What can we do for you?

We gladly advise you on the availability and applicability of the Dutch tax and government incentives and assist you with preparing and filing the applications or making the necessary related notifications.    

If you are interested in our services, contact us via e-mail or call our office in Amsterdam at + 20 (0) 20 5709440 or our office in Rotterdam at +10 (0) 10 2010466.