The social security premium percentages determined for 2019

30 November 2018 Add expertise tag Add service tag Add country tag

The Minister of Social Affairs has determined the premium percentages for the sector funds for 2019. These premium percentages relate to the finance of the Unemployment Insurance Act. The Minister also determined the premiums for the employee- and national insurances for 2019.

The contributions for national insurances – the AOW (General Old Age Pensions Act) and the Anw (General Surviving Dependants Act) – remain unchanged compared to 2018 (17.9% and 0.1% respectively). The contributions for the employee insurances will slightly increase compared to 2018, due to the increase of the general unemployment fund contribution (from 2.95% to 3.60%) and for the disability fund contribution (from 6.27% to 6.46%).

The sector fund contributions however show an overall decrease. This average percentage will go from 1.28% (2018) to 0.77% (2019). Whether the sector fund contribution will increase or decrease in your company’s case, depends on the specific sector the company is categorized in.


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