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On Tuesday the 6th of December 2022 you are again invited to attend one of our free webinars, this time about the Dutch VAT regime for E-Commerce companies established outside the EU.

In line with European law, the Dutch VAT Act provides that the VAT for the sale and delivery of goods, and digital services to private individuals in the EU, are in essence subject to VAT in the country of residence of the customer. This means that E-commerce businesses established outside the EU, which sell and deliver goods (distance sales) or digital services to private individuals in the EU, have to pay VAT in the EU country of the customer. Registration in all customer countries can be avoided by declaring the VAT in a simplified manner in just one EU country with the so-called "One Stop Shop (OSS)" regime. Depending on the circumstances, it is possible to register for either the Import scheme, the Union scheme, or a combination thereof. During this webinar we will explain the requirements for these schemes and the way they work in practice.

More information can be found on the registration page for this session on our website.

During the webinar and afterwards there is an opportunity to ask questions. The webinar is given in the English language.

In case you are not able to attend our live webinars or you are in a different time zone, we offer the possibility to attend free reruns on various dates and times. Please check the schedule on our website.

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