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International tax consulting office Tax Consultants International is hosting the presentation "Expats-Changes in the 30%-ruling" at WTC in Amsterdam on Thursday 8 December 2011. During the 30 minute presentation all actualities on the 30%-ruling are discussed. 

This free 30 minute walk in presentation will be given by Rens van Oers, expat specialist of Tax Consultants International. The presentation is interesting for expats (having the 30%-ruling) and employers dealing with expats. "Over the last couple of months, a lot of expats working in the Netherlands worry about the future of the 30%-ruling and what the impact of the new tax legislation will be on their personal situation" says Rens van Oers.

In the presentation the general rules and benefits of the 30%-ruling are explained. The main topic will be changes in the 30%-ruling as of 1 January 2012. Not only the new rules for obtaining the ruling for new foreign employees in the Netherlands are explained, but more specifically what will happen to the 30%-ruling granted to expats before that date under the transitional rules.

In view of the media attention and the different plans presented over the last couple of months, please visit this free presentation to be informed on the latest developments on the 30%-ruling. After the presentation, Rens van Oers, will also have some time available to give expats free tax consult regarding specific questions.

Tax Consultants International B.V. is a tax consulting office with offices in Amsterdam and Rotterdam that specializes in the field of international tax law, mergers and takeovers. The office differentiates itself through qualitative high-value consulting with fast and professional follow-up within a personal and informal work environment.

The presentation is at World Trade Center Amsterdam in meeting room 6 "Potsdammer Platz'. Doors will be open at 12.00 PM. The presentation will start at 12.30 PM.