Salary criteria 2018 - highly skilled migrants

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The salary criteria for permits based on the highly skilled migrant program and the ICT directive for 2018 are known. The minimal monthly salary requirements are as follows:

  2018 2017
Highly skilled migrant - 30 years and older € 4,404 € 4,324
Highly skilled migrant - younger than 30 years € 3,229 € 3,170
Dutch graduate qualifying for orientation year € 2,314 € 2,272
Transfer within a concern, based on the ICT directive € 4,404 € 4,324

The salary critera should solely be met with the monthly salary that the highly skilled migrant receives in cash and as such, should be clearly stipulated in the employment contract. Benefits in kind and non-cash components are excluded. Furthermore, the salary criterion is exclusive of the 8% holiday allowance.

If an application for the highly skilled migrant is filed before 1 January 2018, the 2017 salary criteria still apply. This also applies if the highly skilled migrant receives his permit in 2018 i.e. the date of application is decisive.

Please be aware that the legal fees will also increase on 1 January 2018 and are expected to amount to € 938 (€ 926 in 2017). For family members accompanying a highly skilled migrant, a reduced legal fee of € 240 (€ 237 in 2017) is anticipated.