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On Tuesday the 7th of December 2021 you are again invited to attend one of our free webinars, this time about  International taxation of remote employees. 

One of the side effects of the Covid measures, is that it has become common practice for employees to work remotely, pushing the global mobility of employees to unknown heights. Flexibility prevails, but what does this do with the income tax and social security position of the employees, and the payroll and withholding obligations of the employer? In this session we will elaborate on the tax, social security and withholding obligations for remote employees in the Netherlands, and the payroll and withholding obligations of their employers in relation thereto.   

More information can be found on the registration page for this session on our website.

During the webinar and afterwards there is an opportunity to ask questions. The webinar is given in the English language.


In case you are not able to attend our live webinars or you are in a different time zone, we offer the possibility to attend free reruns on various dates and times. Please check the schedule on our website.  


If you would like to participate in this (or more of our) TAXci Insight Sessions (s), you can register for free participation on our website.

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