Romario Dos Santos

Last updated : 12-06-2024

Romario Dos Santos

Tax Consultant 

My name is Romario Dos Santos.

I work as a tax consultant in TAXci's international corporate tax practice.


International and European tax law, corporate tax, and real estate are my areas of expertise.

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I assist businesses in optimizing their tax and legal position by leveraging my experience in international tax law, real estate, and mergers and acquisitions.  

Tasks and responsibilities

As a consultant, my role involves advising clients on tax matters through the drafting of tax advice and memos.

Working at TAXci since


Work experience

In April 2021, I began working part-time at EY's corporate practice in Utrecht while studying. During this time, I worked on various tasks for large (international) companies and family businesses. In early 2022, I started working full-time at EY as a Tax Consultant in the Business Tax Advisory department.

 In February 2023, I switched to Tax Consultants International in Rotterdam, where I am responsible for drafting tax advice and memos for our clients.


I completed a Bachelor's degree in Tax Law at Erasmus University Rotterdam, followed by a Master's degree in International and European Tax Law at the University of Amsterdam (UvA).