Paul Jansen

Last updated : 12-06-2024

Paul Jansen

Manager Accounting 

My name is Paul Jansen. I work as Manager Accounting with Tax Consultants International in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.  


Accounting, preparing annual accounts, preparing payroll tax returns, VAT, IB and VPB, Social insurance

Corporate Tax Services

VAT advice & compliance

Accounting & Corporate Secretarial Services

Corporate compliance

set service

International accounting


Tax compliance

set expertise


Prepare annual accounts and prepare tax returns

Tasks and responsibilities

Preparing income tax returns and processing customer administrations

Working at TAXci since

April 24, 2023

Work experience

Since 1982, working in various positions in the field of payroll administration, accountancy and taxation at various employers in various industries


MEAO managerial and administrative direction, MBA, partial certificates SPD and Tax Consultant