Complaint procedure

Last updated : 14-05-2022

Below you will find a description of our complaints procedure for clients, potential clients
and associates of Tax Consultants International B.V. (TAXci).

Our vision on providing service:

We are a professional service provider.

The care for our customer is our priority and we are keen to keep our clients happy.

This applies in particular if something goes wrong in providing service to our clients or in the communication with our clients.

We strive for the highest possible quality of services, however, where people work, mistakes can be made and misunderstandings can occur.

If you are not satisfied with our services, about the behavior of any of our employees or any other aspect of our organization, we invite you to let us know.

We will take your complaint and/or comment very seriously and we will do our best to find an appropriate solution, and if so required, take internal measures to prevent such complaints to occur in the future.

Complaints procedure: 

TAXci has an internal complaints committee.

The complaints committee is chaired by one member of the board of directors.

The starting point is that your complaint is handled by another person than your direct contact and/or the person whose conduct or communication is part of your complaint, even if it concerns a member of the board of directors.

You can choose to submit your complaint by phone or in writing. Our experience shows that many complaints can be solved during a conversation with your direct contact person (by phone or in person). But you can of course also submit your complaint in writing.

To understand your complaint, we will ask you to supply us with information and eventual written documents by completing the complaint form on our website. The complaint procedure that follows  is described step-by-step below.    

Procedure - step by step: 

Step 1: completing and filing the complaint

You can use a standard form for submitting your complaint.

This form aims to identify the nature of your complaint; the relevant circumstances that you feel give rise to a complaint and the solution that you deem appropriate for your complaint.

You can fill out the form online on our website by clicking this link: complaints form.

You must provide at least the following information:

  • your name, address, e-mail address and telephone number;
  • a clear and detailed description of the conduct against which the complaint is lodged.
  • If you want to submit pieces in writing, then you can upload them at the indicated section in the complaint form.

Anonymous complaints are not possible.

Step 2: the acknowledgement confirmation

After receiving the complaint form you will receive an acknowledgment from us within 3 working days.

If you do not receive an acknowledgment, something may have gone wrong with the electronic transmission of the complaint form. We ask you to submit your complaint again via the website. Failing a response, please address your complaint to us in another way by e-mail or in writing. Your written complaint will be similarly dealt with as a standard complaint form.

From the moment the acknowledgment is sent to you until the moment that you have received a decision by the complaints committee, any pending collection measure in relation to an invoice(s) that are part of your complaint will be suspended.

Step 3: the assessment of the admissibility of your complaint.

After sending the acknowledgment we will first consider whether your complaint is admissible (thus if it fits the scope of our complaints procedure).

Your complaint is only admissible if it adheres to the following conditions:

  • you are a client, potential client or a relation of our company;
  • you have a complaint about the services provided by our company, the conduct or communication by our employees or about an invoice;
  • if your complaint relates to an invoice, then the invoice may not yet have been given to a collection agency. The deadline for handing an invoice over to a collection agency is normally 30 days after the invoice date;
  • you are able to substantiate your complaint with arguments and (preferably) written documents;
  • you are open to a solution where the reasonable interests of all parties are taken into account.

Upon receipt of your complaint, the complaints committee will review if your complaint is clear enough or if additional information or documentation is required to assess the substance of your complaint.

You will receive notification from us in writing (preferably via e-mail) within 5 working days after sending the acknowledgment whether we deem your complaint admissible and which (additional) information or documentation we would like to receive in order to be able to process the substance of your complaint.

Step 4: evaluating the substance of your complaint

The substantive review of your complaint is done by the complaints committee.

In assessing your complaint, all relevant facts and circumstances are taken into consideration and the  person/persons involved of our firm will be consulted as well.

All information will be treated carefully and confidentially.

Step 5: the decision on your complaint

We aim to finalise the processing of your complaint within 30 working days after sending the acknowledgement thereof. This period is extended with the time it took to obtain the additional information or documentation from you. If the period is extended, you will be informed about the reason and be kept informed of the progress of the proceedings.

Upon completion of the procedure you will receive a written confirmation, preferably by e-mail, of the outcome.

The written confirmation contains:

  1. a summary of your complaint;
  2. a list of the documents reviewed;
  3. a motivated and reasoned response to your complaint;
  4. a proposal by the complaints committee for the resolution of your complaint.

If your complaint is granted, the resolution of the complaint can consist of:

  • internal measures to eliminate the cause of the complaint immediately;
  • internal measures to prevent similar complaints in the future;
  • full or partial credit to an invoice (or several invoices);
  • a proposal for mediation/arbitration;
  • any other resolution that is deemed appropriate by the complaints committee.

If you do not agree with the decision of the complaints committee:

Against the decision on your complaint, you can react in writing or by e-mail, if you believe that the facts have not properly been displayed, or you disagree with other aspects of the decision. Your response should include a factual basis of your objection, preferably supported with documentary evidence. The decision of the complaint committee itself cannot be disputed. 

An objection against the decision by the complaints committee has no suspensive effect on the recovery of our invoices.