User manual website

Last updated: 18-01-2006

For the use of the information which we make available on this website certain rules apply.  These rules are meant to clarify what you may or may not expect from us, but also provide the restrictions for using the information provided.

What kind of information can you expect to find ? 

Based upon our expertise as tax advisors, we present general information on topics about which our clients often ask our advice.  The information is accessible through questions which fall within our fields of expertise. 

What is the origin of the information provided ?

The information on this site is mostly prepared by ourselves.  To the extent the information is derived form other sources reference is made to the author. 

Can I without any restrictions download and use the information provided ?

Copying, multiplying or publication of the information provided is restricted by law and is only allowed after we have given our written approval in advance.

Can I rely on the information provided ?

The information provided is prepared with utmost care based on our experience as tax advisors.  We can however not guarantee the correctness and completeness of the information provided.  You are invited to contact us for advise on concrete questions.

What happens in case you send an e-mail?

We aim to react within two working days on questions or reactions received via e-mail.  When you require faster follow up, we advise you to contact us directly by telephone (+31 10 2010466) or by fax (+31 10 4113836).