Doing business in The Netherlands

Dutch tax rates 2016 - corporations

Last updated: 12-01-2016


Corporate income tax rate 2016
Taxable profit    Rate  Tax per bracket  Cumalative tax per bracket 
more than  but less than       
 -   €   200.000 20%  €      40.000  €     40.000
 €   200.000  -  25%    
Other taxes 2016
Dividend withholding tax
Rate  15%


Real estate transfer tax 
Rate  6%


Rate  High 21%
  Low 6%
  Low 0%

The above information is prepared with utmost care, but please note that the ultimate tax rates may differ from the rate indicated above, for instance as consequence of domestic changes of law, anti-abuse legislation, etc. Before you use this information we therefore strongly recommend that you consult us to determine the accurate tax rate is for your specific situation. If you require our follow up, you can contact us via e-mail or call us at our offices in Amsterdam +31 (0) 20 5709440 or Rotterdam + 31 (0) 10 2010466.