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Last updated: 09-02-2021


Why is The Netherlands such a popular country for international business ?
What can you expect from this website ?
The information you can find on this website  
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Why are The Netherlands such a popular country to for international business ?

The Netherlands has a open economy with an international focus.

The Netherlands offers a stable regulatory environment, its legal and tax system is flexible, and very much suitable for doing business internationally. In particular in the bigger cities of the Netherlands, like Amsterdam and Rotterdam, a highly skilled and well educated workforce with an international mindset is available and within reach.  

And then of course there is the human factor: the Dutch society is multicultural, transparent and easy accessible; almost everybody speaks English and is used to people from another cultural background. The Netherlands is a pleasant country for Expats and their families to live and work in, or from where to organize the business.  

As a result of the excelent investment climate in the Netherlands, many foreign enterprises decided to set up their Headquarters, Regional Headquarters or Hubs for the EMEIA region. Also the Tech-sector is well established and many Tech Start-ups have the choosing the Netherlands as their base for raising capital, developing their IP and growing their business to the highes level.   

What can you expect from us and this website ?

We are an independent firm of tax lawyers and accountants specialized in the area of doing business internationally. From our different areas of expertise, we advise foreign and Dutch clients on a professional basis about their Dutch and international ventures, and offer full support with the actual execution of their international transactions, merger & acquisitions and cross border expansions.

In our philosophy, the best way to promote our firm is to share with you our knowledge and experience in the field of international business. For that reason, we have put extensive information on this website about the topics of which we know are relevant for you if you want to do busines in the Netherlands or you wish to use their presence in The Netherlands as a trademark in the international market of clients, employees, partners, suppliers and investors.

Please feel free to view this information and you will discover that many of your questions will be answered.  We emphasize however, that the information provided is of a general nature and does not consider the specific circumstances of your case.  We also refer to our Website protocol.

Please feel free to call us (+31-10- 2010466)  or contact us via e-mail if you have specific questions or if you require advice on your concrete situation. 

The information you can find on this website relating to "International tax planning"

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What can we do for you?

We have extensive knowledge and expertise in the area of international business and we are gladly prepared to advice you on this subject or guide you to other professionals who can help you in other specialized areas (like international lawyers, accountants or trust companies).

If you are interested in our services, please feel to reach out via e-mail or call us at our office in Amsterdam at + 31 20 570 9440 or our office in Rotterdam at + 31 10 2010 466. 

We gladly make time for you !