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Filing and registration requirements

Last updated: 23-09-2020

Virtually every company which is conducting business in the Netherlands has to register itself in the Trade Register of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. The information in the Trade Register is accessible by the public.

When you want to do business in the Netherlands you can rely on the information provided by the Trade Register about your Dutch partners or customers. Not only corporate information (such as legal form, etc.) can be obtained but also information about the directors of the company and their authority to represent the company.

Companies that are registered with the Chamber of Commerce need to file certain financial information about their company on an annual basis. Also this information is accessible by the public.

The persons who are responsible to register and file information with the Chamber of Commerce (usually the directors) may be held liable for any omission or default in the registration.

We have direct access to the database of the Chamber of Commerce and we are gladly prepared to assist you with gathering information about your Dutch partners, clients or suppliers. We can also deal with the registration requirements for your business. Please feel free to contact us, if you require more information.

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