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Transfer pricing in The Netherlands

Last updated: 02-06-2009

Like in many other countries, the Dutch tax authorities have become increasingly alert for transfer pricing issues.

The fact that foreign investors could repatriate their profits from The Netherlands through unlimited, sometimes even fictitious cost charges, is definitely over. Also in The Netherlands there is an increased alertness for transactions which (may) evade the domestic tax base.

Nowadays the topic of transfer pricing is a standard subject of investigation in tax audits and processing of tax returns. You may assume that it is always on the agenda of the tax inspector.

Foreign investors which want to do business in The Netherlands can no longer afford not to pay attention to this subject. They must be prepared for intense scrutiny with regard to internal prices for services rendered and goods delivered within the group.

On this website you can find the following information with regard to transfer pricing in The Netherlands:

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What we can do for you  


What we can do for you:  

We have extensive experience with transfer pricing issues and we are gladly prepared to assist you in this field as well.

We can provide amongst others the following services:

Advice on Dutch transfer pricing issues

Preparing a transfer pricing study 

Negotiate transfer pricing ruling 

Represent you in a transfer pricing audit/ procedures 

Handle tax compliance

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