Janita Ramadhin - Bhagwan

Last updated : 06-06-2023

Janita Ramadhin - Bhagwan

Secretary / Compliance officer 

I am responsible for staffing the TAXci secretariat and providing general support to the back office. In addition, I am involved in various tasks in the field of Compliance, in particular the WWFT.


Legal (law, regulations, procedures), Secretariat Administration Specialty, Client management Compliance ((Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act, or "WWFT"), Debtor management

Accounting & Corporate Secretarial Services

Corporate compliance

set service

Tax compliance

set expertise


WWFT Compliance

Tasks and responsibilities

As a secretary I am responsible for the TAXci secretary, including the processing and archiving of incoming mail. I prepare letters, memos, reports, etc. and prepare them for sending out (outgoing mail). I manage the telephone exchange and manage the CRM databases. This also includes creating new client entries. I am also responsible for the day to day care of our offices in Rotterdam & Amsterdam and the supply management thereof. In addition, I provide general support to the back office and I am involved with tasks in the field of Compliance, in particular the WWFT and I offer support to new activities that can be developed.

Employed since


Work experience

In 2016 I started my career as "Employee Collections Local Taxes" at Involon BV. Shortly after my start, I was seconded for a year to the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment in The Hague and I worked for the Bureau Pollution Levy for National Waters as "Assessment regulator". This was a temporary assignment. In 2017 I received an offer of six months for a position at the District Court in The Hague, Team Kanton / Extra Judicieel as "Employee Processing and Treatment". Here I was responsible for drawing up all accounts & accounts and I had a lot of internal and external contact with other teams, administrators and clients. After this position I started to focus on client acceptance (at TAXci client management) and received several assignments at Goudse Verzekeringen. Here I reviewed applications related to income and disability insurance. At the end of December 2017 a nice offer of one of the Big-4s. for the position as "Compliance Consultant" at Deloitte Netherlands. For the Acceptance Center I was involved in carrying out the entire intake process of new assignments and providing advice for the acceptance decision aimed at risk limitation and compliance with legislation and regulations. This also included WWFT matters. After two years I noticed a greater need for a more personal work culture and an organization where the lines are shorter. After a short stopover as "Secretary" at a construction company, I started my current position as "Secretary / Compliance Employee" at Tax Consultants International B.V. at the beginning of December 2020. I was able to take the knowledge of and experience with the WWFT gained from my previous employers with me to TAXci. I notice that at TAXci I can get my job satisfaction from supporting others, performing entire client acceptances, contact with internal and external stakeholders and a dynamic range of tasks. My qualities in the field of analyzing data and mapping development points also come in handy.


In 2012 I graduated as a "Legal Assistant" at the Albeda College in Rotterdam. After this I followed a two-year training at the HBO.