Jamie Janssen

Last updated : 05-10-2021

Jamie Janssen

Compliance Officer/secretary 

As Compliance Assistant/Secretary, my responsibilities are very diverse. I support my colleagues in different areas.


Corporate compliance and multiple legal- and back-office related activities.

Corporate compliance

set service

Tax compliance

set expertise


Multiple legal- and back-office related activities.

Tasks and responsibilities

I am responsible for assisting my colleagues in different compliance related cases, and for supporting the back-office.

Employed since


Work experience

I started my career as receptionist at Oostendorp Nederland B.V., where I was able to obtain some experience as a high school student. During my studies at Hogeschool Inholland, I was able to broaden this experience, during my work at Ondernemershuys Barendrecht. I also interned at Gemeente Rotterdam as an ‘activating coach’, where I coached people who received social assistance benefits to (ultimately) go back to a paid job.

During the final year of my studies, I worked as (senior) administrative assistant for the Court of Rotterdam. I was also given the opportunity to do my graduation research there as well, where I researched the digitalization of the administration of justice. In the summer of 2019 I was able to put this research into practice at the civil court of Paramaribo, Surinam.

After finishing my HBO-studies, I started as a secretary for TAXci. After a year, I was offered a job at my old employer, Gemeente Rotterdam. It became clear that this opportunity was not giving me the challenge I needed. Fortunately, TAXci offered me a chance to come back, this time as Compliance Assistant/Secretary.


In June 2019 I graduated from the Hogeschool Inholland, where I majored in ‘Law and Company’ and minored in ‘Social Rights in the European Union’. I am currently a law-student at Tilburg University, where I am following the minors ‘Criminal Law’ and ‘Property and Insolvency Law’.