Frederieke den Hartog

Last updated : 03-12-2023

Frederieke den Hartog

Director/ Senior Consultant - Payroll & Expat Practice

I work as a Senior Consultant Payroll & Expatriate Practice with Tax Consultants International


Individual income taxation, wage tax withholding, social security, employers assistance

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International labor and cross border assignments

Payroll & HR

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International labor and cross border assignments, as well as assisting companies with managing of their international labor force. Including wage tax withholding, individual income tax, social security, split payroll and the application of tax treaties. 

Tasks and responsibilities

 I am responsible for the Payroll & Expatriate practice of TAXci and in my role of senior consultant I advise and assist our clients with their local Dutch and international fiscal affairs. 

Employed since

 May 1, 2022

Work experience

 While finishing my master at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, I started my career within the Expatriate practice of Andersen in 1998. Andersen merged into Deloitte in 2002. In 2008, I transferred to the Expatriate practice of BDO. I acquired experience in assisting clients with managing of their international work force, advising on international payroll situations, 30%-regulations, complex social security issues, individual income tax compliance and other cross border related questions such as residency and work permits. 

I have provided services to a significant number of Dutch and foreign companies with a varied background and work force. From startups to large multinational companies, operating within for instance IT, building and construction, manufacturing and logistics.

I assist my clients with managing of their international work force, setting up the international payroll both in Netherlands and abroad, structuring of labor contracts and financial planning, but also including the tax compliance for the individual as well as assistance with wage tax withholding audits from the Dutch tax authorities. In addition to my daily work, I give presentations for the benefit of our clients and relations, and I have taught the principles of expatriate taxation to colleagues within the network for many years.


Erasmus University of Rotterdam, master degree economics and taxation (completed 2000).